About Me

Who’s behind the thewodm site you’re reading?

Devendra Kumar

Developer, Digital Creator & Freelancer


B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), L.N.C.T. Bhopal, India



  • Over 5 years of experience as a freelancer in multiple gigs including wordpress website design & development, digital marketing and more…
  • Ex-project management apprentice at YouTube, Google (India)
  • Founder of atravellerguy, digitalweblogs, thewodm, theanswershome & techyyplanet
  • Published 70+ android app’s on Google Play Console and 10+ iOS app’s in App Store
  • For service related queries please contact me on digitalweblogs@gmail.com or visit digitalweblogs.com


I’ve dedicated over five years to mastering the digital landscape, honing my skills across various domains. Here’s a closer look at my journey.

Professional Journey:
For over half a decade, I’ve served as a freelancer, specializing in WordPress website design and development, digital marketing strategies, and graphic design. My expertise extends to video editing and crafting engaging 2D explainer animation videos.

Corporate Exposure:
My experience includes an apprenticeship in project management at YouTube, Google, where I gained invaluable insights into streamlined processes and effective project execution.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:
I’m the proud founder of several successful ventures, including atravellerguy, digitalweblogs, thewodm, theanswershome, & techyyplanet. These platforms serve as creative outlets where I explore innovative ideas, share valuable insights and services with my audience and clients globally.

App Publishing:
With a passion for mobile technology, I’ve published over 70 Android apps on Google Play Console and 10+ iOS apps on the App Store, contributing to the vibrant app ecosystem.

Consultancy and Education:
Beyond my entrepreneurial pursuits, I provide consultancy services to startup, small and medium-sized businesses, empowering them to thrive in the digital realm. Additionally, I’m committed to education, sharing my knowledge through various channels, including my website and YouTube(thewodm, techyyplanet).

Recognition and Impact:
While my journey is still unfolding, I’ve already made a significant impact in the digital sphere. Whether through my projects, publications, or consultancy work, my goal remains the same: to leverage technology to empower individuals and businesses alike.

My Gear

My daily-use computer is a MacBook Air (MacOS Monterey) version 12.7.3 with processor: 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, memory: 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3, graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB, and 1 TB of SSD storage. I have an iPhone 11 and an Android Moto G52, which always help me have quick conversations with my clients and test the apps before publishing them on the Google Play Console and App Store. I also have JBL Tune 510BT wireless headphones with mic, a Fifine T669 condenser USB microphone, a Logitech keyboard, and a Logitech B170 mouse.

I also have a Mi 20000 mAh 18 W power bank, a Digitek (DTR 260 GT) tripod, a selfie stick, and a GoPro 10 that I use when I travel to capture memories and my adventures.

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If you’re looking to craft a stunning website, enhance your digital presence, or navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, I’m here to help you thrive in the digital world. Contact me on digitalweblogs@gmail.com or visit digitalweblogs.com