Week 6 – Closing A Project

project execution running the project weekly challenge 6 answers

1. A project manager works with a stakeholder for months to open a community greenhouse. The stakeholder changes their expectations and the project timeline.

What actions can the project manager take to resolve this issue? Select all that apply.

  • The project manager can review the contracts with the stakeholder to include the timeline and the budget.
  • The project manager meets with the team to determine who is not doing their job correctly.
  • The project manager can establish a timeline to complete this project and propose a follow-up project.
  • The project manager avoids the stakeholder and continues with their original plan.


2. Which step of the closing process may be as simple as sending an email or as complicated as having a large meeting?

  • Host a closing celebration with the team.
  • Conduct a formal retrospective with the team.
  • Review contracts and documentation with the whole project team.
  • Make sure that all stakeholders are aware the project, or phase, is ending.


3. Consider the following project closing scenario:

The project manager does a final review of tasks and deliverables to ensure they are complete. They make sure there is written proof from stakeholders documenting that they are happy with the outcome. The project manager leads a meeting with the team to document what went well, what could be improved, and overall lessons learned. Finally, the team is disbanded, and the project manager thanks them for their work.

What step of the project closing phase is the project manager missing?

  • Document acceptance of the project outcome
  • Conduct a formal retrospective with the project team
  • Ensure the project has satisfied its deliverables, goals, and desired outcomes
  • Review all contracts and documentation


4. What are the main purposes of a closeout report? Select all that apply.

  • Gives the project manager time to meet with the team one last time to complete missing work
  • Provides an evaluation of the quality of work
  • Evaluates the project’s performance with respect to budget and schedule
  • Serves as a blueprint to document what the team did, how they did it, and what they delivered


5. In what three ways does a small closing process at the end of each milestone differ from a formal, more comprehensive closing phase at the end of the project?

  • After a milestone closing, during the project, there is no need to reach out to stakeholders.
  • After a milestone closing, during the project, stakeholders provide feedback regarding any changes that need to be made going forward.
  • A formal closing, at the end of a project, is the last step before a team disbands.
  • A formal closing, at the end of a project, includes an impact reporting meeting.


6. Consider the following scenario:

The project manager needs to include several sections in the closeout report for the Janco car company’s new car series launch. First, the project manager completes the executive summary, describing the project process and purpose. Second, they note the key accomplishments like meeting the launch’s objectives and highlighting the team’s impact on the project. Third, they identify open items like what the team didn’t complete, and add improvement ideas for similar, future projects. Fourth, they detail the next steps for follow-up projects. Fifth, they list the launch schedule with project milestones, project on-track status, and setbacks. And sixth, they list the project resources like the original project plan, stakeholder communications, and documents such as user manuals on how to unload cars from delivery trucks.

Which item is the project manager missing in their closeout report?

  • Next steps
  • Open items
  • Key accomplishments
  • Lessons learned


7. Fill in the blank: A retrospective is the best tool for reflection and _________ .

  • planning
  • improvement
  • budgeting
  • collaboration


8. Your team has completed their project, but you’ve neglected to close it out and confirm all work is done. What sort of impact can this create for your organization? Select all that apply.

  • Put your organization at legal risk
  • Remove unnecessary budgetary expenses
  • Damage your relationship with the customer or client
  • Negatively impact scheduled launch dates


9. Which closeout report section includes topics such as things the team didn’t get to work on and ideas for changes if they had the time?

  • Executive summary
  • Lessons learned
  • Key accomplishments
  • Open items


10. Which of the following are benefits of hosting a retrospective at the closing of a project? Select all that apply.

  • Promotes positive changes
  • Decreases the following project’s budget
  • Encourages team building
  • Facilitates improved collaboration


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11. What happens during a project closing? Select all that apply.

  • The team obtains formal recognition from key stakeholders that the project is complete.
  • The project manager and team confirms all project tasks are complete.
  • The team executes remaining project management processes, such as procedural or administrative work.
  • The customer identifies new deliverables and ongoing task work.

12. What are the potential effects on a project team if a project is not closed properly? Select all that apply.

  • Encourages the team to move on to new projects
  • Negatively impacts the team’s time and effort
  • Lessons learned could be lost if not recorded correctly
  • Diminishes the team’s credibility

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