Week 3 – Operating System

Technical support fundamentals coursera quiz answers week 3

What is an Operating System?

1. What are the two main parts that make up an operating system?

  • Users and Software
  • Kernel and Userspace
  • Windows and Mac
  • Kernel and Packages


2. What are the main components of file management? Check all that apply.

  • File system
  • File data
  • Metadata
  • NTFS


3. What is the last step in booting a computer?

  • Execute the bootloader.
  • Load up drivers.
  • Perform a POST.
  • User space is launched.


4. Which of these is a GUI? Check all that apply.

  • BASH
  • MS-DOS
  • iOS
  • Chrome OS

5. Which of these are considered I/O devices? Check all that apply.

  • Speakers
  • CPU
  • Webcams
  • Monitors


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