Week 2 – Slowness

troubleshooting and debugging techniques week 2

Practice Quiz: Understanding Slowness

1. Which of the following will an application spend the longest time retrieving data from?

  • CPU L2 cache
  • RAM
  • Disk
  • The network

2. Which tool can you use to verify reports of 'slowness' for web pages served by a web server you manage?

  • The top tool
  • The ab tool
  • The nice tool
  • The pidof tool

3. If our computer running Microsoft Windows is running slow, what performance monitoring tools can we use to analyze our system resource usage to identify the bottleneck? (Check all that apply)

  • Performance Monitor
  • Resource Monitor
  • Activity Monitor
  • top

4. Which of the following programs is likely to run faster and more efficiently, with the least slowdown?

  • A program with a cache stored on a hard drive
  • A program small enough to fit in RAM
  • A program that reads files from an optical disc
  • A program that retrieves most of its data from the Internet

5. What might cause a single application to slow down an entire system? (Check all that apply)

  • A memory leak
  • The application relies on a slow network connection
  • Handling files that have grown too large
  • Hardware faults

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