Week 4 – Utilizing resources and tools for project success

project initiation starting a successful project weekly challenge 4 answers

1. Fill in the blank: If the project has a _____, then it may be worth it for the team to learn a more sophisticated project management tool.

  • short timeline
  • new project sponsor
  • large scope
  • few deliverables


2. As a project manager, you need to update your project charter with a statement about the tangible outcome of the project. In which section of the project charter does this information go?

  • Business case
  • Benefits
  • Project deliverable
  • Project scope


3. Fill in the blank: A project manager creates a project charter _____ a project proposal.

  • at the same time as
  • as an introduction to
  • before
  • after


4. Fill in the blank: Project managers need to ensure project information is _____ through formal documentation, such as email, a presentation, or a digital document.

  • available only to stakeholders
  • easily accessible to everyone
  • available only to team members
  • easily accessible to the public


5. Email and chat are examples of what type of project management tool?

  • Work management
  • Progress visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Scheduling


6. A project manager needs a tool to assign tasks and help visualize the team’s task progress. Which tool type should they choose?

  • Email
  • Shared documents
  • Work management
  • Chat


7. Fill in the blank: As a project manager, you may use Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote, or Google Slides to _____.

  • share documents
  • manage budgets
  • send emails
  • create presentations


8. Collaboration tools such as email or chat allow teams to do what tasks? Select all that apply.

  • Plan the budget
  • Check in on project tasks
  • Visualize project task completion
  • Work collectively and closely with other team members


9. Fill in the blank: _____ are items you need to help get the project done. They are considered project resources.

  • Materials
  • Meetings
  • Status updates
  • Reports


10. When developing the project charter, who does the project manager typically work with?

  • stakeholders only
  • teammates only
  • the customer only
  • teammates and stakeholders


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11. Fill in the blank: For small projects, project managers should typically use _____.

  • more sophisticated tools
  • simple and straightforward tools
  • recently created tools
  • highest-rated tools

12. What type of document is typically created at the end of the initiation phase to define key details of the project?

  • Project proposal
  • Project plan
  • Project charter
  • Project scope

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