Deliverables of Project Initiation

  • Identify the key deliverables produced during the project initiation phase, such as the project charter, stakeholder analysis report, and initial project plan.

Deliverables of Project Initiation

project initiation

During the project initiation phase, several key deliverables are produced to establish the foundation of the project. These deliverables help in defining the project’s objectives, scope, stakeholders, and initial plans.

The key deliverables commonly produced during project initiation:

1. Project Charter:
The project charter is a formal document that outlines the project’s purpose, objectives, scope, deliverables, stakeholders, high-level timeline, and initial resource requirements.

Project Charter
Stakeholder Analysis

2. Stakeholder Analysis Report:
The stakeholder analysis report identifies and analyzes the individuals, groups, or organizations that have an interest in or can be affected by the project. It helps in understanding stakeholders’ needs, expectations, and influence.

3. Initial Project Plan:
The initial project plan provides a high-level outline of the project’s approach, major tasks, milestones, timelines, dependencies, and resource requirements.

Stakeholder Management
Assess Project Feasibility

4. Feasibility Study:
A feasibility study assesses the project’s viability by examining technical, financial, operational, and scheduling aspects.

5. Business Case:
The business case justifies the project by outlining the expected benefits, costs, risks, and potential alternatives.

Project Team and Roles
project manager

6. Project Team Assignment:
This deliverable involves identifying and assigning key team members or resources needed for the project.

7. Risk Assessment:
The risk assessment identifies potential risks and uncertainties related to the project and aids in developing mitigation strategies and contingency plans.

risk identification
Stakeholder Analysis

8. Communication Plan:
The communication plan outlines how project stakeholders will be informed, engaged, and updated throughout the project.

These examples provide a detailed understanding of the key deliverables produced during the project initiation phase. Remember that these deliverables can vary based on the project’s unique requirements and the specific industry or organization involved.

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