Week 1 – Introduction to Version Control

introduction to git and github week 1

Practice Quiz: Before Version Control

1. Your colleague sent you a patch called fix_names.patch, which fixes a config file called fix_names.conf. What command do you need to run to apply the patch to the config file?

  • diff names.conf fix_names.conf
  • patch fix_names.conf names.conf
  • patch fix_names.conf < fix_names.patch
  • diff names.conf_orig names.conf_fixed > fix_names.conf

2. You're helping a friend with a bug in a script called fix_permissions.py, which fixes the permissions of a bunch of files. To work on the file, you make a copy and call it fix_permissions_modified.py. What command do you need to run after solving the bug to send the patch to your friend?

  • diff fix_permissions.py fix_permissions_modified.py > fix_permissions.patch
  • patch fix_permissions.py < fix_permissions_modified.py
  • patch fix_permissions.py > fix_permissions.patch
  • diff fix_permissions.py fix_permissions.diff

3. The _____ commandhighlights the words that changed in a file instead of working line by line.

  • diff
  • diff -u
  • wdiff
  • patch

4. How can we choose the return value our script returns when it finishes?

  • Using the exit command from the sys module
  • Use the patch command
  • Use the diff command
  • Use meld

5. In addition to the original files, what else do we need before we can use the patch command?

  • Diff file
  • exit command of the sys module
  • Version control
  • Full copy of the new files

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