Week 3 – Optional: Using your portfolio

google data analytics capstone complete a case study answers

Test your knowledge on effective interview techniques

1. An elevator pitch gives potential employers a quick, high-level understanding of your professional experience. What are the key considerations when creating an elevator pitch? Select all that apply.

  • Focus on your process over the results
  • Consider your audience’s interests
  • Keep it fresh by not over-practicing it
  • Make sure it’s short enough that it can be explained to someone during an elevator ride

2. What are the key purposes of discussing a case study during an interview? Select all that apply.

  • Outline your thinking about a data analytics scenario for your interviewer
  • Ask your potential employer questions about the company
  • Negotiate a fair salary for the position
  • Recommend real-world solutions based on your own work

3. If an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself,” it’s important to limit your response to topics related to data analytics.

  • True
  • False

4. During an interview, you will likely respond to technical questions, practical knowledge questions, and questions about your personal experiences. What strategies can help you prepare to respond effectively? Select all that apply.

  • Copy real-world examples from more experienced professionals to include in your responses
  • Write down your answers to common questions
  • Practice your responses until they feel natural and unrehearsed
  • Brainstorm examples from your own experiences that support your answers

5. Imagine that an interviewer asks, “How do you maintain data integrity?” What topics does this question give you the opportunity to discuss? Select all that apply.

  • The reasons you strongly preference SQL over spreadsheets for data cleaning
  • The impact that issues with your data can have on business decisions
  • The methods you would use for error checking and data validation
  • The importance of reliability and accuracy in good data analysis

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