Week 5 – Creating high-fidelity prototypes

create high-fidelity designs and prototypes in figma week 5 quiz answers

Test your knowledge on creating a high-fidelity prototype in Figma

1. Fill in the blank: A high-fidelity prototype must have visual elements, navigation, and _____.

  • wireframes
  • outlines
  • placeholders
  • interactions

2. When finalizing the navigation for a high-fidelity prototype, what questions should the designer ask? Select all that apply.

  • At which point does the user journey end?
  • What color should be used for the navigation-related icons?
  • How easy is it to locate navigation-related icons?
  • How does a user get from one screen to the next?

3. A designer builds a high-fidelity prototype in Figma and wants to make it interactive. What is the first step to making a design element interactive?

  • Add the interaction and animation
  • Indicate the destination
  • Make the interaction that connects the hotspot to the destination
  • Select the item for the hotspot

4. When creating a high-fidelity prototype in Figma, what happens directly after the designer adds the interaction details?

  • Adjust the animation
  • Lay out the mockups
  • Share the work
  • Connect the screens

5. Fill in the blank: Screens should be laid out in the order of the user flow because the first connection a designer makes will be the starting frame for the prototype. This is the first ___ they want a user to take in the app.

  • view
  • completion
  • action
  • pass

Test your knowledge on gestures and motion

6. What are some common gestures used to navigate mobile apps? Select all that apply.

  • Clap
  • Tap
  • Scroll
  • Swipe
  • Zoom

7. Why are gestures and motion important in UX design?

  • They help enrich the user experience and increase usability.
  • They help users move between devices.
  • They help users identify visual elements.
  • They help users make decisions about an action required in a design.

8. A design team wants to add a gesture and motion to a reservation page of a hotel app. They apply animation to the select button on the page for room types. Which of the following is the best example of a gesture and motion when a user reserves a room?

  • Tapping the select button and the room total appears at the top of the page in a basket icon
  • Tapping the select button and a separate reservation summary page holds the reservation
  • Swiping the select button and the user remains on the same page
  • Swiping the select button and the app closes

9. A designer working on an app for an online retailer finishes adding interaction details for an action in Figma. They need to adjust the animation for adding an item to a shopping cart. What are some options for the animation settings? Select all that apply.

  • Close down
  • Instant
  • Move out
  • Slide in

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