Module 5 – Stay Ahead of the AI Curve

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Module 5 challenge

1. An application developer is considering investing in a generative AI tool that can help them debug code. How might they evaluate the AI tool for this task?

  • Verify that the tool can generate speech from text.
  • Ensure that the AI tool can generate code snippets that are accurate.
  • Assess the tool’s ability to create engaging web content.
  • Investigate the tool’s marketing materials to determine its popularity.

2. When is an AI model considered multimodal?

  • When it performs multiple complex tasks all at once
  • When it processes large amounts of text data at a time
  • When it can learn from various types of input, such as video and written text
  • When it enhances the quality of its output by focusing on high-resolution images

3. Which of the following tasks can be accomplished using a generative AI tool? Select three answers.

  • Remove a background from a video
  • Summarize a report
  • Negotiate a financial deal
  • Generate speech from text

4. A copywriter joins a networking group for industry professionals who are interested in AI. The copywriter also reads articles about AI and explores recent trends and developments in a reputable industry journal. What might this professional be aiming to achieve? Select three answers.

  • Staying informed about AI and any innovative new applications
  • Making accurate predictions about the future of AI
  • Empowering themselves to use AI tools effectively in the workplace
  • Keeping up-to-date on any important laws and policies regarding the use of AI

5. Which of the following strategies is effective for leveraging AI in your work?

  • Implement AI to automate the way you address sensitive issues
  • Identify and address challenges that AI is capable of handling
  • Use AI to secure confidential projects
  • Replace outdated software with AI-powered software

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