Week 1 – Empathize with the user and define the user problem

responsive web design in adobe xd week 1 answers

Test your knowledge on responsive website design

1. What is the primary purpose of responsive web design?

  • Allows a website to change automatically depending on the size of the device
  • Allows designers to more easily test web design prototypes
  • Organizes, categorizes, and structures a website
  • Helps researchers make more informed design decisions

Optional - Test your knowledge on problem statements

2. What are the components of a problem statement? Select all that apply.

  • Insight
  • User needs
  • User characteristics
  • Location
  • Name

3. Consider the following sentence: “Andre is a competitive eater who needs to find an app that will balance their competitive billiards schedule because they are planning a special event next month.”

Is this an example of a good problem statement?

  • Yes
  • No

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