Week 5 – Building a professional presence

design a user experience for social good and prepare for jobs week 5 answers

Test your knowledge on UX design portfolios

1. How does a portfolio help UX designers find work in their field? Select all that apply.

  • A portfolio includes a 1-page summary on why a designer would be a good fit for an open position.
  • A portfolio can highlight a UX designer’s skills during the job application process.
  • A portfolio showcases a designer’s understanding of UX design principles.

2. What is a design portfolio?

  • A collection of social media posts that demonstrate a designer’s work history
  • A collection of work that demonstrates a designer’s skills during the job application process
  • A collection of design work that includes the top designers in a field
  • A collection of professional references complete with phone numbers

Test your knowledge on building an online presence

3. Fill in the blank: A _______ is a one- or two-sentence phrase that describes what you do and what you stand for.

  • personal brand
  • personal statement
  • tagline

4. How can your presence in online design communities help you gain exposure to UX design? Select all that apply.

  • You can engage with other UX designers by liking or commenting on their community posts.
  • You can follow the profiles of non-UX design professionals.
  • You can post your designs and receive feedback from experienced UX designers.

5. Why do recruiters check your social media profiles when considering you for a job? Select all that apply.

  • To learn about your interests outside of work
  • To confirm your work and educational background
  • To test your knowledge of UX design
  • To assess if you have a strong professional network

Weekly challenge 5: Build a professional presence

6. How can a portfolio be used to help further a designer’s career?

  • To showcase a complete record of their job history
  • To showcase their professional references
  • To showcase examples of their work to hiring managers

7. What innovation has simplified and streamlined the creation of websites with website builders?

  • Copy/paste editors
  • Simple code editors
  • WYSIWYG editors
  • Online HTML editors

8. When including case studies in a design portfolio, which of the following questions should they answer?

  • What process did the designer follow?
  • What biases did the designer include?
  • What UX design online communities are featured in the case study?
  • Who were the designer’s mentors?

9. Personal branding is essential to demonstrating a designer’s values, unique skills, and personality. What are the benefits of creating a personal brand? Select all that apply.

  • A personal brand allows recruiters and potential employers to understand who you are, and learn about your passions and your strengths.
  • A personal brand can help you match with companies that share your values.
  • A personal brand helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • A personal brand allows you to blend in with the rest of the design community.

10. What is a personal statement?

  • A visual prompt that tells the user to take action
  • A one- to two-sentence phrase describing what a designer does and what they stand for
  • A summary of a designer’s work and long-term goals

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