Module 1 – Introduction To AI

introduction to ai coursea module 1 answers

Module 1 challenge

1. A forest management organization wants to use AI to identify sick trees that require treatment. They provide the AI with a training set that contains images of sick trees. What role does the training set play in this scenario?

  • It teaches the AI tool to help identify sick trees that require treatment.
  • It serves as a database of trees in the forest.
  • It is used to predict which trees will get sick.
  • It predicts the lifespan of different trees.

2. Which of the following tasks can a manufacturer accomplish using generative AI? Select three answers.

  • Create preview images of new products
  • Receive incoming shipments of new inventory.
  • Draft new production guidelines
  • Brainstorm ways to optimize resource allocation

3. What type of business tasks can AI perform? Select three answers.

  • Analyze data
  • Learn new procedures independently
  • Give detailed and nuanced answers
  • Create content

4. A marketing team uses an AI tool to draft content to post on various social media platforms. Then, the team reviews and edits the text before posting. What does this scenario describe?

  • Outsourcing
  • AI automation
  • AI augmentation
  • Time management

5. What is one reason human oversight is important when using AI in decision-making processes?

  • It focuses on the technical aspects of AI without considering broader goals.
  • It increases the speed with which AI decisions are made.
  • It reduces operational costs by automating the decision-making process.
  • It ensures that decisions are made with ethical considerations and accountability.

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