Week 1 – Introducing user experience design

foundations of user experience (ux) design coursera answers week 1

Weekly challenge 1: The basics of user experience design

1. Fill in the blank: The user experience is _____.

  • how a person, the user, feels about interacting with or experiencing a product
  • the ability to understand someone else’s feelings or thoughts in a situation
  • a one-stop shop for the appearance of brands, products, and services
  • the framework of a website or how it’s organized, categorized, or structured

2. How does it benefit businesses to consider the user experience (UX)?

  • It helps businesses limit spending on pricey user research studies, by focusing on design first.
  • It helps businesses copy successful product ideas from competitors in their market segment.
  • It helps businesses create products that are usable and accessible to a wider range of customers.
  • It helps businesses make design decisions based on business plans, rather than user preferences

3. What does a T-shaped UX designer specialize in?

  • T-shaped designers specialize in a lot of areas of UX design.
  • T-shaped designers have a deep understanding of one kind of UX design and lack knowledge in other areas.
  • T-shaped designers specialize in one kind of UX design and have a breadth of knowledge in other areas.
  • T-shaped designers have knowledge in many areas but lack specialization.

4. What role do most UX designers begin their careers as?

  • Generalist
  • T-shaped
  • Y-shaped
  • Specialist

5. What is a specialist UX designer?

  • A designer who maintains a wide breadth of knowledge and responsibilities.
  • A designer with a deep understanding of a particular UX design role such as visual, interaction, or motion design.
  • A designer who specializes in one kind of UX design and has a breadth of knowledge in other areas.
  • A designer who has a deep understanding of one kind of UX design and lacks knowledge in other areas.

6. What does an interaction designer focus on in UX design?

  • Designing the experience of a product and how it functions
  • Translating the design’s intent into a functioning experience.
  • How a product or technology looks
  • What it feels like for a user to move through a product

7. Fill in the blank: If a user finds a product enjoyable to use, then the UX designer created a positive connection by considering the user’s _____ when making the product.

  • hobbies and interests
  • thoughts and feelings
  • personal background

8. Communicating effectively is part of an entry-level UX designer's day-to-day duties.

  • True
  • False

9. Why do startups usually hire UX generalists instead of specialists?

  • Startups have thousands of employees working on lots of different projects.
  • Startups expose designers to a lot of different industries and get to solve unique problems.
  • Startups have tight budgets and few employees.
  • Please review the video about UX design jobs at different types of companies.

10. What are some of the benefits a beginner UX designer might find working at a startup?

  • Startup companies allow employees to pick the projects they want to work on and manage their own schedule.
  • Startup companies allow employees to specialize in one specific skill and learn from expert colleagues.
  • Startup companies allow generalist UX designers to work with a wide range of clients.
  • Startup companies allow employees to make large contributions and guide the company towards growth.

11. Why are program managers necessary when working in UX design?

  • Program managers act as a bridge between interaction designers and engineers.
  • Program managers ensure the process of building a product goes smoothly from start to finish through the use of clear and timely communication.
  • Program managers translate the design’s intent into a functioning experience.
  • Program managers ensure the language within a product is clear.

12. A beginner UX designer is looking for a short-term work opportunity with not a lot of responsibility. Which of the following is a good option for them?

  • Working at a start-up
  • An entry level job
  • An internship
  • Freelancing

13. In UX design, what makes a product usable?

  • The design is beautiful to the intended audience.
  • The design, structure, and purpose of the product are clear to everyone.
  • The design is designed to function the same for everyone.
  • The design is difficult to learn at first, but easy to understand as time goes on.

14. Alex is working with a team to solve a problem for their users. The team will follow a process to bring their idea to reality. What is this process called?

  • Product development life cycle
  • Product creation life cycle
  • Design and development life cycle
  • Product development timeline

15. What is the second stage in the product development life cycle?

  • Define
  • Brainstorm
  • Launch
  • Design
  • Test

Shuffle Q/A 1

16. Is UX design applicable to physical products as well as digital products?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

17. Which role represents a type of designer with broad knowledge in multiple areas of UX design, and a depth of knowledge in a single area?

  • T-shaped
  • Specialist
  • Stakeholder
  • Generalist

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