Module 4 – Use AI Responsibly

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Module 4 challenge

1. An affordable housing developer is using AI to design more efficient and sustainable buildings. How can they ensure that they're using AI responsibly while supporting the needs of their clients? Select three answers.

  • By using diverse training sets to mitigate bias in their AI models
  • By disclosing how they are using AI to their clients
  • By taking steps to protect the privacy and security of their clients’ data
  • By developing housing more quickly to benefit their lenders

2. Voters receive automated robocall messages from a respected politician, but they turn out to be fake. The calls instruct voters to cast their ballots on the wrong date. As a result, hundreds of people miss out on their chance to vote. What type of harm does this scenario describe?

  • Interpersonal
  • Quality-of-service
  • Social system
  • Representational

3. An AI tool is designed to provide users of an app with technical support. The AI model that the tool uses has not been trained on new app features and starts responding to questions inaccurately. What does this scenario describe?

  • Stagnation
  • Incompetence
  • Drift
  • Prompt engineering

4. An app developer creates an AI-powered music app. The developer trains the app entirely on their favorite genre of music: 1980s pop songs. As a result, the app only suggests this genre of music, regardless of listeners’ tastes. What does this scenario describe?

  • Data bias
  • Prompt engineering
  • Emergence
  • Hallucinations

5. A graphic designer is using a generative AI tool to help create marketing materials for clients. Which of the following measures should the graphic designer take to keep their clients' information private and safe while using the AI tool? Select two answers.

  • Stay informed about AI developments that can impact privacy concerns.
  • Input sensitive project information to create engaging marketing materials.
  • Assume the AI tool’s developer fully secures the data they collect.
  • Regularly review and understand the AI tool’s terms of use.

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