Week 2 – Creating wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes

design a user experience for social good and prepare for jobs week 2 answers

Test your knowledge on paper wireframes

1. Fill in the blank: A wireframe is a(n) ____ of a product or a screen.

  • outline or sketch
  • illustration
  • explanation or critique
  • analysis or interpretation

2. Imagine you’ve recently started a new design project and you’re in the midst of wireframing. You’ve decided to use an inexpensive method that will allow you to iterate and explore ideas quickly. Which method is this?

  • High-fidelity wireframes
  • Digital low-fidelity wireframes
  • Paper wireframes

Test your knowledge on planning usability studies

3. Why is it important to create a research plan before conducting a usability study? Select all that apply.

  • It outlines each part of a usability study from start to finish
  • It helps the UX team understand how easy it is for participants to complete tasks
  • It outlines research goals for participants to see
  • It is more likely to yield valuable information

4. Imagine you’re preparing to conduct a usability study. Which part of the research plan considers critical measures of progress toward an end goal?

  • Detailed research questions
  • Research goals
  • Key performance indicators
  • Methodology

5. When planning a usability study, what question should you ask when determining key performance indicators (KPIs)?

  • Why are we conducting this research?
  • What’s a sign that we are making progress toward our ultimate goal?
  • What questions should I ask the participants?
  • How will I collect and analyze data?

6. Imagine you are planning a usability study for a local drop-in daycare center’s app. You need to find study participants who would provide the best metrics for the project. Which participant would be the best candidate for the study?

  • Ronnie is a parent who lives 40 miles away from the center and does not travel very far from their home.
  • Ingrid lives in the same area of the center and does not have any children, but they plan to adopt a child within the next three years.
  • Casey is a parent of twin toddlers and lives near the center. They work from home but sometimes the twins’ childcare provider is unavailable when they need help during the day.

Test your knowledge on conducting usability studies

7. Nua is outlining a usability study. The team wants to interview as many people as they can within a two month timespan. Since the product is a new version of one they’ve already created, they’re more concerned about keeping costs low by recording participants. What type of usability study should be conducted?

  • Unmoderated
  • Complementary
  • Moderated
  • Mobile

8. Choose the correct definition of a usability study.

  • An assessment of a competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • A series of experiences a user has as they interact with a product to achieve a specific goal
  • A research method that assesses how easy it is for participants to complete core tasks in a product
  • An easily understood chart that explains everything designers have learned about a user

Test your knowledge on analyzing and synthesizing research results

9. Step one of turning observations into insights requires a designer to gather the data. Which should the designer do next?

  • Organize the data
  • Come up with insights based on themes
  • Gather the data from the usability study
  • Hypothesize trends in data

10. What is the third step of turning observations into insights?

  • Come up with insights based on themes
  • Gather the data from the usability study
  • Organize the data
  • Identify common themes and patterns

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