Week 2 – Quality Management And Continuous Improvement

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1. As a project manager overseeing a product launch, you monitor and inspect the results to ensure the project is meeting the quality standards. You notice one standard is not being met and take corrective action to improve the standard. Which quality management concept does the inspection and corrective action represent?

  • Quality standards
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality planning


2. During which step of the quality management process does a project manager ask questions such as: “How will I determine if the quality measures will lead to project success?” and “What outcome do my customers want at the end of this project?”

  • Quality planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Quality action


3. To receive authentic and honest feedback from customers, what strategy should a project manager use?

  • Ask open-ended questions and listen to the customer’s current state versus their desired state
  • Incentivize customers with a gift card because they’re more likely to respond
  • Ask for feedback after the project finishes because customers won’t fully understand the product until it’s complete
  • Ask for stakeholder feedback and relay it to customers in hopes to close the gap between the customer’s expectation and the project’s needs


4. During a user acceptance test (UAT), the project manager creates UAT scripts so the testers better understand the product or service. The project manager writes the scripts based on user stories, which are best described as what?

  • Communications that report on questions, issues, or delays during the testing process
  • Step-by-step instructions that users follow during the testing process
  • Informal, general explanations of a feature that reflect the perspective of an end user
  • Feedback from users that includes positive comments, bug reports, and change requests

5. Before running a process improvement experiment, a project manager needs to first identify processes to change and leave unchanged. What’s the experiment-related term for the unchanged process?

  • Research group
  • Comparable group
  • Control group
  • Variable group


6. As a project manager, you identify a process-based problem you’d like to improve. To better understand the problem, you examine the technology to understand its root cause and interview the team on how it’s impacting their performance. Which DMAIC step did you apply?

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Control
  • Analyze


7. As a project manager, you learn a customer is not satisfied with the quality of a finished product. You have already identified the root cause and brainstormed solutions to the problem with the team. Now, you and the team attempt to fix the problem by implementing a solution. Which PDCA step did you apply?

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • Act


8. A project team discovers an efficient process to more quickly develop a product. The program manager implements the idea in several other projects. When the portfolio manager learns that the more efficient process is working across several projects, they recommend it to several programs. This scenario exemplifies which best practice?

  • Positive feedback
  • Word-of-mouth communication
  • Hierarchical communication
  • Continuous improvement


9. Fill in the blank: The way a project manager decides to structure a retrospective depends on _____.

  • team and workplace
  • the latest project management trends
  • project sponsor preference
  • the previous project manager’s agenda


10. As a project manager, you hold a retrospective. During the meeting, you give the team an opportunity to discuss risks that materialized: Were there any gaps between the original plan and its execution? Which retrospective step does this represent?

  • Lessons learned
  • Future considerations
  • Action items
  • Next steps


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11. As a project manager, you’re overseeing a product launch for coffee mugs. You have agreed with the manufacturer that before any agreement to purchase is made, the mugs need to be tested for durability. Which quality management concept does this task represent?

  • Assurance standard
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality planning
  • Quality control

12. Which quality management concept must be well-defined at the beginning of the project to help avoid rework and schedule delays?

  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Quality standards
  • Quality action

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