Activity: Complete the project closeout report

Activity: Complete the project closeout report

1. To pass this practice quiz, you must receive at least 80%, or 4 out of 5 points, by completing the activity and answering corresponding quiz questions. You can learn more about the graded and practice items in the Course Overview .

Activity Overview In this activity, you will complete a closeout report summarizing the Sauce & Spoon menu tablet rollout project.


Review the scenario below. Then complete the step-by-step instructions.

The Sauce & Spoon tablet rollout is now complete! Peta is finalizing the project by creating a closeout report that details the project’s goals, the approach for carrying out the project, and its key accomplishments. Completing the project closeout report is especially important because Sauce & Spoon has just hired a second project manager, Molly Edwards, to help Peta oversee the tablet rollout at the remaining restaurant locations. Molly will reference Peta’s closeout report as she onboards and begins planning her own projects.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Access the template

To use the template for this course item, click the link below and select “Use Template.”

Link to template:

Closeout Report


If you don’t have a Google account, you can download the template directly from the attachment below.

Step 2: Access the supporting materials

The following supporting materials will help you complete this activity. Keep them open as you proceed to the next steps. Review the supporting materials for this activity in the Resources section. Each link below will open a new Coursera tab.

Test Launch Customer Survey Results

Post Project Launch Check-in

Note: To review supporting materials introduced in earlier activities, you can find them in the Resources section .

Step 3: Review the supporting materials

Review the supporting materials for this activity. First, review the customer survey results from the test launch so you have a sense of the overall customer experience. Then review the email exchange that details the results of the rollout. You will use the information from these materials to create the closeout report.

Step 4: Add the project summary and methodology to the closeout report

Use the information from the email exchange, the customer survey results, and other project documentation to fill out the project summary and methodology sections of the closeout report.

For the project summary, briefly describe the project and explain the desired results, including some of the key success criteria.

For the methodology, briefly describe the project management approaches and/or processes used during this project. For example, were any traditional or agile processes used? If so, during which parts of the project were these approaches applied?

Step 5: Add key accomplishments, lessons learned, and next steps to the closeout report

Use the information from the email exchange, the customer survey results, and other documentation to fill out the key accomplishments, lessons learned and next steps sections of the closeout report

For key accomplishments, address the following:

Did the project achieve the initial goals?

Were problems solved and eliminated?

Does the final project deliverable meet or beat requirements?

For lessons learned, address the following:

What were things that went well and things that didn't go well, across the different parts of the project?

Were there unforeseen benefits or consequences?

What processes did not work well? Why?

Were there any key problems and what were the effects?

For next steps, address the following:

Is there any ongoing maintenance or development?

Are there any open action items for post-project close?

Are there any risks that could become issues if not addressed in the next quarter, etc.?

Who will own the project going forward? Do you have any recommendations for future project managers

Step 6: Link relevant documents to the project documentation archive

Finally, link key project documentation that will be useful for future project managers or stakeholders to reference. The documents include the project proposal, project charter, project plan (located in the Resources section ), and evaluation findings presentation.

Pro Tip: Save the template Finally, be sure to save the template you used to complete this activity for further practice or to use in your own personal or professional projects. These templates will be useful as you put together a portfolio of project management artifacts that you can speak to in an interview to demonstrate your experience to potential employers.

What to Include in Your Response

Be sure to include the following sections of your closeout report:

Project Summary section

Methodology section

Key Accomplishments section

Lessons Learned section

Next Steps section

Project Documentation Archive section

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2. Which of the following are good sources of information to help you assess the outcome of the tablet rollout project? Select all that apply.

  • Feedback from the project retrospective review
  • Guest comments overheard by a member of the waitstaff
  • Data reports generated by the tablet software
  • Customer satisfaction survey data

3. According to the information in the closeout report template, the survey results, and Peta’s check-in e-mail, which three major areas improved as a result of the test launch?

  • Simplifying tablet navigation, rebranding the menus, and installing more tablets
  • Decreasing table turn time, simplifying tablet navigation, and decreasing food waste
  • Decreasing table turn time, decreasing food waste, and improving vendor relationship management
  • Installing more tablets, decreasing expenses by $3000, and rebranding the menus

4. Which of the following next steps are appropriate for the closeout report? Select all that apply.

  • Continue to improve order accuracy
  • Continue to survey and solicit feedback from guests
  • Plan to roll out tablets at other locations
  • Plan to open additional Sauce & Spoon locations

5. What goals did the team achieve by implementing feedback from the test launch project? Select all that apply.

  • Reduce food waste by 25%
  • Reduce the cost of menu items by 5%
  • Reduce table turn time by 30 minutes
  • Reduce daily guest count by 10%

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