Module 2 – Maximize Productivity With AI Tools

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Module 2 challenge

1. What statement best describes the relationship between an AI model and an AI tool?

  • An AI model is a more advanced version of an AI tool.
  • An AI model is used to fix a malfunctioning AI tool.
  • An AI model is trained by an AI tool using real-time data.
  • An AI model provides the underlying capabilities of an AI tool.

2. A teacher uses a generative AI tool to brainstorm ideas for a new lesson plan. They provide the tool with text input describing the content of the lesson and how the lesson should be formatted. What is the term for this text input?

  • A submission
  • A direction
  • A prompt
  • A query

3. A fashion designer is developing a new fall collection. They need to create detailed illustrations of the clothes before their manufacturer begins production. What type of generative AI tool can help them with this task?

  • An image generator
  • A code generator
  • An audio generator
  • A text generator

4. What approach employs a combination of machine and human intelligence to train, use, verify, and refine AI models?

  • AI augmentation
  • Human-in-the-loop
  • Machine learning
  • AI automation

5. A company specializing in custom stationery is considering using generative AI to create personalized sales pitches for potential clients interested in bulk purchases. To ensure that each AI-generated pitch accurately addresses the unique needs of each client, what key question should the stationery company consider?

  • Will the AI-generated content appeal to a broader clientele?
  • Will the AI-generated content receive adequate human oversight?
  • Will the AI-generated content lead to an increase in sales that exceeds last year’s profits?
  • Will the AI-generated content guarantee clients will purchase more of their products?

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