Reflection: Connecting problems to goals

Reflection: Connecting problems to goals

1. In this activity, you will consider how the email scenario from the previous activity ( Peta and Gilly’s checkout challenge) could impact Sauce & Spoon’s objectives and key results (OKRs). Start by reviewing the email:

To: Peta (Project Manager)

From: Gilly (North Location General Manager)

Subject: Customer Survey Results

Hi Peta,

I reviewed the customer survey results from the tablet pilot test launch. From my perspective, one piece of negative feedback stood out from the rest. Several of the customers mentioned they had a negative experience when paying with cash.

I believe this is an important issue to resolve because about 10% of our customers pay in cash. I think it may negatively impact the restaurant if 10% of the customers are having a negative experience with the checkout process. This could lead to fewer repeat customers. It could also lead to unenthusiastic word-of-mouth and less than stellar online reviews.

We should come up with a new process to more quickly handle cash payments. I really like the new tablets, but we need a checkout process that works well for both credit card, and cash. Regarding the new process, it would help to make cash more accessible to our wait staff. Currently, they have to go to the bar to access the cash register. We should consider adding a second register by the kitchen. Also, to get ahead of the issue, I think wait staff should ask customers if they’re paying with cash or a credit card.

Please let me know how we should proceed with an improved cash checkout process. I think we can figure out something that will work well alongside the new tablets. I’m excited to use the new menu tablets full-time!



General Manager - Sauce & Spoon North Location


Have you read the email?

I have!

2. Review the following list of Sauce & Spoon OKRs. Pick 1-2 OKRs that could be impacted by the problem Gilly describes in the email. Write them in the box below.

Serve delicious meals and provide an enjoyable dining experience in less than an hour

Keep our operating expenses low and our budget precise in order to focus on providing high-quality food

Ensure each large investment undergoes an analysis and results in a positive return.

Maintain a 4.5 star rating on our review platform

Consistently innovate through annual projects, like menu tablets, to give customers a better dining experience

Host quarterly employee ideas and feedback night

Did you choose “Maintain a 4.5 star rating on our review platform” or “Serve delicious meals and provide an enjoyable dining experience in less than an hour?” These two OKRs could be affected by the problem addressed in Gilly’s email to Peta.

3. Select one of the OKRs you chose in the previous question. Then write 1-2 sentences to stakeholder Deanna (the Director of Operations) explaining how the project problem could affect the OKR. Remember, it can be helpful to reference OKRs when communicating with stakeholders about project problems.

One example could be:

“If we don’t provide an efficient cash checkout process, it could lower our online reviews and impact our OKR of maintaining a 4.5 star rating.”

An example with the other OKR could be:

“If we don’t provide an efficient cash checkout process, it could cause delays that affect our OKR of providing an enjoyable dining experience in less than an hour.”

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