Week 1 – Embarking on a career in project management – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. You have successfully implemented programs as a program manager and feel you are ready for a step up in responsibility. Which of the following positions would you be a good fit for?

  • Portfolio manager
  • Project manager
  • Project administrator
  • Project controller

38. Several of the project managers at your company are described as “program managers.” What does this tell us about these project managers?

  • They are contract workers.
  • Their role does not involve budget management.
  • They manage multiple projects.
  • They are new to the project management role.

39. As a project manager at a small construction firm, your responsibilities include planning and organizing the start of new builds. Which of the following activities does planning and organizing involve?

  • Communicating project milestones
  • Gathering project requirements and creating a project plan
  • Overseeing activities that team members do on a daily or weekly basis
  • Controlling costs

40. You’ve been asked to lead a team implementing a new production technique in one of your company’s factories. The implementation process starts next Monday and the company would like you to complete it within two weeks. The two week window in this scenario is an example of what defining characteristic of projects?

  • Representing a unique endeavor
  • Having a clearly defined beginning and an end
  • Having a project plan
  • Representing a project milestone

41. A construction firm needs to hire a project manager to implement a new customer engagement system. Their most experienced candidate has managed only logistics projects in the shipping industry. Why might the firm favor this candidate?

  • The candidate is likely to know a lot about a construction firm’s customers.
  • Logistics and customer engagement are the same thing.
  • The candidate can learn skills in one industry and apply them in another.
  • The candidate is likely to apply consistent processes to prevent change.

42. Fill in the blank: In addition to a job title, many companies list project management as a desired _____.

  • degree
  • skill
  • internship
  • hobby

43. An experienced project manager is seeking a program manager job, with the goal of advancing their career. Why would they want a program manager’s role?

  • They have demonstrated subject matter expertise in a specific industry.
  • They no longer want to manage projects.
  • They want to manage a collection of projects.
  • They have demonstrated success in managing a portfolio.

44. As a project manager for a large school district, you are implementing a new telehealth technology that allows students to have virtual health checkups without having to miss school. To start, you organize training sessions for faculty to get them better acquainted with the technology, policies, and procedures for using the new telehealth option. What common project management responsibility is this an example of?

  • Controlling costs
  • Managing company operations
  • Managing tasks
  • Planning and organizing

45. Your colleague is managing three different projects that involve implementing a new set of processes in your company’s HR department. Which of the following best describes your colleague’s role at your company?

  • Portfolio management
  • HR management
  • Program management
  • Project management

46. What is true of successful project managers?

  • Project managers are most successful when trained in a sector that is experiencing rapid growth, like telecommunications or health care.
  • Project managers are most successful when learning project management skills early in their careers since it is a highly technical role.
  • Project managers need a formal education since project management jobs require a business degree.
  • Project managers gain relevant experience in the real world since skills like budgeting and time management are transferable.

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. As someone moving to a new location, you have several tasks. You have to plan for the various expenses like boxes and movers. You also have to clearly label the boxes, and manage all of the tasks leading up to and during the move. Which project management skills does the move require? Select all that apply.

  • Deep technical experience
  • Strong coordination and communication skills
  • Organizational ability
  • Budget preparation and monitoring

48. Which of the following is a way to define a project? Select all that apply.

  • An endeavor with unlimited deliverables from stakeholders
  • An ongoing process with no defined end date
  • A series of tasks that need to be completed to reach a desired outcome
  • A unique, temporary pursuit that has a defined beginning and end

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