Week 1 – Embarking on a career in project management – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. As the vice-president of your class Philanthropy Club at school, you assembled and led a team of 20 students to plan and execute events like fundraisers, community gatherings, and academic assemblies. What project management skills does your Philanthropy Club experience demonstrate?

  • Budgeting and controlling costs
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Planning and organizing
  • Advanced technology skills

26. Which of the following responsibilities involves overseeing activities that team members do on a daily or weekly basis?

  • Forecasting the budget
  • Managing tasks
  • Gathering requirements from customers
  • Controlling costs

27. Fill in the blank: Typically, projects have a(n) _____ beginning and end.

  • defined
  • vague
  • immovable
  • broad

28. You just finished a successful internship as a project support specialist at a large banking firm and are looking for a full-time project management job. The best project manager position listed near you is for an IT project manager. Why might you be a good candidate for this job?

  • Only people with IT experience can manage banking projects.
  • Because most IT projects are related to banking.
  • Because banks use information technologies.
  • Because project management skills learned in one industry can be applied to other industries.

29. Fill in the blank: There are _____ job titles a project manager can have.

  • many and varied
  • only a few
  • a decreasing number of
  • very specific

30. What did researchers project in 2020 for job growth in the project management field?

  • Project management talent is in high demand in a few countries.
  • Project managers cannot succeed without a PM certification.
  • Project management aligned roles will need nearly 90 million people to fill positions by the year 2027.
  • Project management talent is only in high demand in large American cities.

31. Which of the following are benefits of a contracting job in project management? Select all that apply.

  • Building a portfolio
  • Guaranteeing a permanent position with a company
  • Developing a professional network
  • Experiencing different kinds of companies and project types

32. You have recently been hired as a project manager leading a team of technical writers in completing a set of user manuals for a new product launch. Which of the following abilities are you expected to demonstrate?

  • Task management
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Technological expertise
  • Advanced writing skills

33. You’ve been asked to lead a team implementing a new production technique in one of your company’s factories. The implementation process starts next Monday and the company would like you to complete it within two weeks. What is this implementation process an example of?

  • An upgrade
  • A takeover
  • A business
  • A project

34. As someone who has already gained some experience in introductory-level positions, you are seeking a job in a more traditional project management role. Which of the following roles might interest you? Select all that apply.

  • Project Leader
  • Product Owner
  • Project Controller
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Analyst

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. As someone seeking a project management role, you occasionally meet people in a professional setting to share knowledge and create new business connections. This is an example of what strategy to get a job?

  • Join LinkedIn
  • Update resume
  • Attend local or online networking events
  • Get an internship

36. Fill in the blank: According to a 2017 Project Management Institute study, industries like manufacturing, construction, information technology, publishing, finance, and oil and gas are experiencing _____ with project management jobs.

  • the most amount of growth compared to other industries
  • the same amount of growth compared to other industries
  • the least amount of growth compared to other industries
  • no growth compared to other industries

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