Week 2 – Sparkling-clean data

process data from dirty to clean weekly challenge 2 answers

1. As part of the data-cleaning process, a data analyst creates a rule to highlight any empty cells in a bright blue color. This is an example of data visualization.

  • True
  • False

2.A data analyst at a nonprofit organization is working with the following spreadsheet, which contains member name data in column C. They want to divide this data using the underscore as a delimiter, so that first names are stored in one column and last names in another. Which tool should the analyst use?

  • Conditional formatting
  • Pivot table
  • SPLIT function
  • MID function


3.Fill in the blank: When describing a SUM function, the _____ is =SUM(value 1 through value 2).

  • syntax
  • standard
  • structure
  • script


4.You are working with the following selection of a spreadsheet:

In order to extract the five-digit postal code from Burlington, MA, what is the correct function?

  • =RIGHT(B3,5)
  • =RIGHT(5,B3)
  • =LEFT(5,B3)
  • =LEFT(B3,5)


5. A data analyst in a human resources department is working with the following selection of a spreadsheet:

They want to create employee identification numbers (IDs) in column D. The IDs should include the year hired plus the last four digits of the employee’s Social Security Number (SS#). What function will create the ID 20093208 for the employee in row 5?


6. A data analyst at an e-commerce company is working with a spreadsheet containing last month's sales. The most expensive product their company sells costs $49.99, so they want to quickly confirm that all of the data in the Sales column is $49.99 or less. What function can they use?

  • SUM


7. A data analyst wants to search for a certain value in a column, then return a corresponding piece of information. Which function should they use?

  • FIND

8. A data analyst needs to combine two datasets. Each dataset comes from a different system, and the systems store data in different ways. What can the data analyst do to ensure the data is compatible?

  • Use a data visualization
  • Map the data
  • Apply a data structure
  • Merge the data

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. In their spreadsheet, a data analyst makes cells stand out for more efficient analysis. What spreadsheet tool is used to do this?

  • Cell filtering
  • Conditional ranking
  • Conditional formatting
  • Cell querying

10. A data analyst uses the SPLIT function to divide a text string around a specified character and put each fragment into a new, separate cell. What is the specified character separating each item called?

  • Unit
  • Delimiter
  • Partition
  • Substring

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