Week 6 – Creating a Company Culture for Security

it security defense against the digital dark arts week 6 answers

Risk in the Workplace

1. What are some examples of security goals that you may have for an organization? Check all that apply.

  • To protect customer data from unauthorized access
  • To prevent unauthorized access to customer credentials
  • To implement a strong password policy
  • To deploy an Intrusion Prevention System

2. Which of these would you consider high-value targets for a potential attacker? Check all that apply.

  • Authentication databases
  • Customer credit card information
  • Logging server
  • Networked printers

3. What's the purpose of a vulnerability scanner?

  • It protects your network from malware.
  • It blocks malicious traffic from entering your network.
  • It detects vulnerabilities on your network and systems.
  • It fixes vulnerabilities on systems.

4. What are some restrictions that should apply to sensitive and confidential data? Check all that apply.

  • It can be transferred via email.
  • It can be accessed and stored on personal devices.
  • It can be accessed and stored on personal devices.
  • It can be stored on encrypted media only.

5. What's a privacy policy designed to guard against?

  • Eavesdropping on communications
  • Misuse or abuse of sensitive data
  • Attackers stealing customer data
  • Denial-of-service attacks

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