Week 5 – Organizing Communication And Documentation

project planning putting it all together weekly challenge 5 answers

1. What do project managers need to identify before creating a communication plan?

  • Recipients, communication methods, goals of communication, and barriers to communication
  • Recipients, anonymous survey questions, goals of communication, and barriers to communication
  • Recipients, communication methods, project risks, and goals of communication
  • Recipients, project risks, goals of communication, and barriers to communication


2. How can you foster effective communication within your team? Select all that apply.

  • Recognize and understand individual differences
  • Allow teammates to use any communication platform they prefer
  • Obtain feedback and incorporate it going forward
  • Send identical message content to both teammates and stakeholders


3. What details does a communication plan include? Select all that apply.

  • What to communicate
  • How communications should sound
  • How long communications should be
  • Why and how to communicate
  • Who should communicate
  • When communication happens
  • Where the information communicated is stored


4. As a project manager, part of your communication plan is to identify risks and present barriers in-person. What two additional details should the communication plan include?

  • Type of communication
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Frequency

5. What potential barriers should you consider when making a communication plan? Select all that apply.

  • How competitors communicate
  • Linguistic and cultural differences
  • Time zone limitations
  • Privacy or internet access issues


6. An effective project management communication plan can help with which of the following processes? Select all that apply.

  • Culture development
  • Team selection
  • Change management
  • Project continuity


7. Which two of the following communication methods are most appropriate for core project team members?

  • Formal presentations to advertise project deliverables
  • Department newsletters on current projects
  • Quick virtual check-ins to answer questions
  • Daily meetings to report on project progress


8. What questions can project managers ask to optimize and streamline communications? Select all that apply.

  • How can we improve communications with you?
  • What is working in how we communicate with you about the project?
  • How are you implementing the content we communicate?
  • What is not working or is not effective in our communication?


9. How can project managers ensure plan visibility for stakeholders? Select all that apply.

  • Manage document permissions to give access to relevant information
  • Assign tasks to specific team members
  • Keep documents in a centralized location
  • Create a risk register


10. Which of the following should a project manager include in a centralized planning document, also known as a dashboard? Select all that apply.

  • Previous project deliverables
  • Links to any non-spreadsheet files
  • Instructions for how to use the centralized planning document
  • A brief project description


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11. The project manager has identified the goals, barriers, and communication methods for a project. What is the final piece they must determine before creating the communication plan?

  • Key stakeholders
  • Team members
  • Team feedback
  • Stakeholder analysis

12. As a project manager, how can you maintain open communication after you have sent your team a message? Select all that apply.

  • Check in to make sure the information was clear.
  • Convey the message through various methods.
  • Respond to any questions quickly.
  • Resend the message if no one responds.

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