Reflection: Analyzing a project charter

Reflection: Analyzing a project charter

1. As a project manager starting a new project, one of your main responsibilities is to identify all project tasks. Often, you need to analyze documentation, such as project charters, emails, and old project plans, to identify tasks for your team. In this exercise, you will review a project charter and list possible tasks. Are you ready?

I’m ready!

2. Start by writing at least two strategies to identify and define tasks. For example, one strategy is to review the deliverables in the project charter and ask yourself, “What steps does the team need to take in order to achieve this?”

There are no right or wrong answers, but here are a few strategies to consider:

  • Review goals in the charter.

  • Review deliverables in the charter. Ask yourself, “What steps does the team need to take in order to achieve this?”

  • Review project task dependencies. What steps are missing?

  • Identify project tasks by the time you expect them to take.

  • Identify project tasks by their “done” factors.

  • Make a list of all items that have milestones associated with them.

  • Define project tasks in one or two sentences.

3. Next, review the sample project charter:

Project Charter: Website Redesign for a Restaurant

Project Summary: Launch a website redesign that now features online ordering to expand ordering options and increase revenue.

Goals of Project:

Increase revenue by 15% in the first six months

Increase visitor time on the website by 10% in the first three month

Increase customer email collection by 50% in the first 12 months

Expand online ordering to four third-party delivery platforms in the first three months

Resolve all urgent technical issues reported by customers in the first three months


Digital photograph collection of food and business location

Online content archive, including written content and existing graphics/media

Online ordering embedded in the landing page

Online ordering loyalty program

Available on third-party delivery platforms (e.g., Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, and GrubHub)

Staff training on new ordering process

Scope and Exclusion:


New design of website

Add new photos to website

Add rewritten and new content to website

Online ordering functionality and payment options

Staff training

Information and content for third-party delivery platforms


Social media management

Rebranding of the company logo and colors

Implementing online chat

Online-only menu

Benefits and Costs


New options for customers to order food

Increase in sales through this new medium of online ordering

Persuade more customers to purchase food with better quality photos and copy

Increase search engine rankings with website improvements

Grow email list from opt-ins to online promotions

Increase online awareness through third-party delivery platforms


Website designer: $6,500

Photographer: $1,000

Staff training: $250

I’ve reviewed the charter!

4. As a project manager overseeing the launch of the website redesign, use the strategies outlined in question two and the charter above to write at least five tasks for the project.

Did you consider any of the following tasks?

  • Interview website designers and make a hire.

  • Interview website developers and make a hire.

  • Interview photographers and make a hire.

  • Schedule the food and restaurant photoshoot.

  • Work with restaurant owners to gather new content ideas for the website.

  • Design and implement new content for the website.

  • Create online ordering loyalty program incentives.

  • Develop online ordering training for staff.

  • Execute the online ordering training.

  • Test the new website and ordering system.

  • Add website analytics software to monitor visitor activity.

  • Sign up for third-party delivery platforms and add menu content.

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