Week 4 – Create and test a low-fidelity prototype

responsive web design in adobe xd week 4 answers

Test your knowledge on ideation techniques

1. Fill in the blank: A designer is developing a retail website and wants to test how well users can add items to the cart. The designer creates a _____ to get feedback on the early design.

  • high-fidelity design
  • wireframe
  • design framework
  • prototype

2. A design team is developing a new app for a photo editor. They want to discuss design options with stakeholders before proceeding to the next phase. How should the team use wireframes at this point of the design stage?

  • To explore and compare multiple ideas quickly before committing to a final design.
  • To identify and solve problems related to the function of the app.
  • To develop the interactive version of the final product.
  • To test the design’s functionality and navigation.

Test your knowledge on modifying designs based on research findings

3. As designers work to analyze and synthesize results from their research, what is the next step they should take after finding themes in the data?

  • Organize the data
  • Make improvements to the design
  • Gather all data from the usability study in one place
  • Come up with insights

4. You receive feedback from your usability study on your gym locator app prototype. Some users reported they could not find the map view to locate gyms in their selected city. Which design modification aligns best with this feedback?

  • Add a link to the Google search page
  • Add a map view option to the search results page
  • Add a filter based on a gym’s amenities
  • Add a sort option to the gym locations’ list view by distance

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