Week 6 – Document design work and search for jobs

responsive web design in adobe xd week 6 answers

Test your knowledge on handing off designs

1. When building websites, what type of team members are crucial in building the UX team’s vision? Select all that apply.

  • Data scientist
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Program manager

2. Fill in the blank: Designers provide mockups, prototypes, and ____ so the engineering team can begin the coding process.

  • research reports
  • wireframes
  • case studies
  • specifications

3. How does a designer determine when their designs are final before sending them off to the engineering team?

  • If the design passes usability studies and participants seem mostly satisfied with the design, then it’s ready to be delivered to the engineering team.
  • As long as assets have been finalized and the designer believes the product looks good, then it’s ready for the engineering team.
  • If the designs are true representations of the intended user experience, assets are finalized, and users are able to interact with the designs without external guidance, then it’s ready for the engineering team.
  • As long as design specifications have been finalized, then it’s ready to be delivered to the engineering team.

Test your knowledge on portfolio case studies

4. What are the typical components of a case study? Select all that apply.

  • Project goal and objectives
  • Usability study participant profiles
  • Outcome of the project
  • Designer’s role in the project
  • Process the team followed

5. Fill in the blank: You complete a case study on your latest design project and add it to your portfolio. You should present your case study in a clear and _____ way to tell recruiters what they need to know as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • concise
  • informal
  • exhaustive
  • complex

6. Fill in the blank: Sharing case studies in your portfolio is important because case studies are a visual demonstration of your _____. Select all that apply.

  • ability to see an idea through from start to finish, despite challenges
  • willingness to collaborate with a team
  • design knowledge
  • interests and hobbies

7. You complete a design project for a photo sharing app and want to create a case study for your portfolio. What should you include in the case study to show recruiters you would be a strong candidate for a UX design role? Select all that apply.

  • Rough drafts of every idea
  • Sketches, wireframes, and final polished designs
  • Disagreements with team members
  • Explanation of learnings from the design process

Weekly challenge 6: Document design work and search for jobs

8. A design team completes their high-fidelity prototype of a responsive website. They confirm that the designs represent the expected user experience. What is the next step for the design team?

  • Sharing the designs with stakeholders
  • Confirming design choices with potential users
  • Handing off the designs to developers and engineers
  • Writing the code for the front-end interface

9. What is the difference between a back-end developer and a front-end developer?

  • There is no difference, the only task that changes is what a developer is working on.
  • A back-end developer writes code to enhance website accessibility; a front-end developer writes code to streamline information architecture.
  • A back-end developer writes code for the digital product’s architecture and data storage based on the UX sitemap and functionality; a front-end developer writes code for the user-facing elements based on UX designer specifications.
  • A back-end developer writes code for user interactions that are seen by the end user; a front-end developer writes code for website architecture that is rarely seen by the end user.

10. When you want to share a project and receive feedback on the design, what choice should you make under the “View Settings” menu?

  • Development
  • User Testing
  • Design Review
  • Presentation

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