Week 3 – Ads and campaigns in e-commerce

make the sale build launch and manage e-commerce stores weekly challenge 3

1. Consider the following scenario:

An established business in the community is considering a move to online advertising. They typically market their products in various print publications, but have recently observed a decline in sales and overall customer traffic. However, they are not sure if they should try online advertising.

What benefits of online advertising could convince this business to advertise online?

  • It is time sensitive and has a strong return on investment.
  • It leads to less competition and higher price points.
  • It is cost effective and quick and easy to produce.
  • It leads to digital engagement and greater creative capabilities.

2.Consider the following scenario:

A company wants to market their new campaign with a television ad. In order to produce this type of advertisement, they will need to hire actors, writers, and a production crew. After reviewing the extensive production process, the company realizes that they do not have the time or financial resources to do a television ad.

What kind of advertising could they afford that would be quicker and easier and able to reach a large audience?

  • Online advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Billboard advertising
  • Print advertising

3. What are the different campaign types that Google Ads offers? Select four.

  • Shopping
  • Display
  • Social
  • Search
  • Video

4. Fill in the blank: Like display campaigns, _____ help a company’s potential customers meet their e-commerce products at the start of the buying journey and help spread awareness about a company’s brand.

  • Video campaigns
  • Search campaigns
  • Media campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns

5. What are the advantages of using a Smart campaign? Select three.

  • Controls the budget
  • Automated
  • Saves money
  • Easy setup

6. Fill in the blank: For e-commerce, Smart shopping campaigns are the best Smart campaigns to help maximize _____.

  • search capabilities
  • brand interest
  • shopping potential
  • product development

7. Consider the following scenario:

A digital marketer is creating a Smart Shopping campaign in Google Ads. Their next step is to specify the products they want to advertise in the campaign. They decide that because there are so many products available, their entire feed should appear in their ads.

Why is it problematic to take this approach?

  • It may limit or eliminate keyword product search results.
  • It would result in too many unwanted clicks.
  • It could reduce their specificity and worsen their performance.
  • It might attract customers outside of their target market.


8. When is the best time for businesses to target new contacts and attract new audiences?

  • Summer months
  • On-season
  • Off-season
  • Work week

9. Fill in the blank: E-commerce specialists need to prepare for seasonal events. In order to do this, they need to use _____, which will make seasonality adjustments to optimize for conversions or conversion value in every auction.

  • seasonal ranking
  • smart bidding
  • trend tracking
  • performance planning

10. Fill in the blank: Resolving _____ improves the buyers experience with your brand and could help bring customers back to your site.

  • budget limitations
  • inventory excess
  • industry slumps
  • pain points

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11. Fill in the blank: To improve _____, advertisers have shifted their advertising budgets to focus largely online.

  • customer knowledge
  • marketing pain points
  • inventory
  • cost-efficiency

12. As an e-commerce marketer, you will likely encounter different ad campaigns that suit your business needs and help you reach your audience. What are the four common types of e-commerce ad campaigns?

  • Shopping, Search, Billboards, and Video
  • Search, Display, Video, and Maps
  • Shopping, Search, Display, and Video
  • Search, Display, Video, and Apps

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