Interactive Case Study Discussions

  • Engage in interactive discussions and group activities to analyze and solve project management challenges presented in case studies.
  • Collaborate with peers to develop solutions and recommendations based on the lessons learned.

Interactive case study discussions are an effective way to engage participants in analyzing and solving project management challenges collaboratively. They provide a platform for sharing insights, discussing solutions, and learning from each other’s experiences.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to conducting interactive case study discussions with examples:

Interactive Case Study Discussion: Managing a Complex IT Implementation Project

Scenario: Participants are presented with a case study involving a complex IT implementation project in a large organization. The project is behind schedule, over budget, and facing resistance from end-users due to poor communication and inadequate change management.


  1. Group Formation: Divide participants into small groups, ideally of 4-6 members each, ensuring a mix of backgrounds and experiences. Designate a facilitator for each group.

  2. Case Study Review: Provide each group with the case study materials, including project documents, emails, and stakeholder feedback. Allocate sufficient time for participants to review and familiarize themselves with the case.

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Example of a Group Discussion Outcome

One group identifies poor communication as a key challenge in the case study. They propose the following strategy:

Strategy: Implement a comprehensive communication plan that includes regular project updates, feedback channels, and clear communication of project milestones.

This interactive case study discussion approach encourages participants to apply project management principles to real-world challenges, collaborate effectively with peers, and develop actionable solutions. It’s a valuable learning experience that can enhance project management skills and problem-solving abilities.

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