Weekly challenge 6: Document design work and search for jobs

11. The Link Access menu customizes what about an Adobe XD document?

  • The level of security for a link
  • The availability of a file in the cloud
  • The type of review for a file
  • The number of people who can access a file

12. What should a designer include in the file name when sharing content with a developer?

  • Design budget and deadline
  • File type and project name
  • Project name and version
  • Development start and end dates

13. What can a case study demonstrate to a recruiter or hiring manager? Select all that apply

  • Feedback from clients
  • Willingness to collaborate
  • Ability to see an idea through from start to finish
  • Design knowledge

14. What is the most important thing to include in a case study?

  • Testimonials from clients
  • What you learned during the design process
  • What process you followed for user testing
  • Project pitch deck and summary

15. Imagine a designer is applying for a job at a new design firm. They want to highlight their ability to collaborate with a team. How can they convey this to the firm’s recruiter?

  • Prepare interview responses that highlight your practiced collaboration skills
  • Share a portfolio with a case study, which demonstrates your willingness to collaborate
  • Ask former colleagues to submit reference letters to the firm’s recruiter
  • Submit a cover letter without a resume, and write about your collaboration skills

16. A designer is applying for a job at a design agency. They have already submitted a resume, and now the recruiter would like to review the designer’s previous work. What should they submit next?

  • Client testimonials
  • Portfolio
  • Prototypes
  • Cover letter

17. Imagine a designer sends their portfolio to a recruiter for a potential job opportunity. One of the designer’s case studies discusses how the designer worked with a diverse team for a complex project. Which case study component is this an example of?

  • Designer’s role in the project
  • Project goal and objectives
  • Design processes followed
  • Project outcome

18. Fill in the blank: Case studies are the major components of a portfolio because they are a _____.

  • visual demonstration of your ability to see an idea through from beginning to end
  • collection of reviews from your previous clients and stakeholders
  • reflection of what you as a designer can improve on
  • simple overview of your wireframes and prototypes

Shuffle Q/A 1

19. Which team member writes code for the website’s architecture and data storage?

  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • UX engineer
  • UX designer

20. When you want to share a prototype with developers in Adobe XD, what choice should you make under the “View Settings” menu?

  • Development
  • User Testing
  • Design Review
  • Presentation

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