Week 3 – Exploring design systems

create high-fidelity designs and prototypes in figma week 3 quiz answers

Test your knowledge on design systems

1. Which of the following visual elements are included in a design system? Select all that apply.

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Wireframes
  • Iconography

2. A design team sets up a design system for an upcoming product launch. The design system includes visual styles, usage guidelines, _____, and support codes to ensure all elements in their design carry through to the final product.

  • branding
  • graphics
  • UI patterns

3. One benefit of a design system is that it creates consistency for designers and users. When designers have a specific set of elements to work from, they can increase the speed of production, decrease inconsistencies, and focus on innovative solutions that focus on the user.

  • True
  • False

Test your knowledge on features of open-source design systems

4. Which of the following examples represent the best use of the app bar title on a desktop?



A screenshot of the navgiation bar of an app with a hamburger menu to the left and a title "2017 Tokyo vacation photos"



A screenshot of the navgiation bar of an app with a hamburger menu to the left and a title "vacation photos" that is cut off



A screenshot of the navgiation bar of an app with a hamburger menu to the left and a title "vacation photos"


A screenshot of the navgiation bar of an app with a hamburger menu to the left and a title "Summer trip to Tokyo and Kyoto"

5. What pages in a public design system can new designers access for additional information and download baseline design kits for Figma and Adobe XD?

  • Develop
  • Components
  • Design
  • Resources

6. How does a robust design system support a designer's day-to-day work?

  • Design systems create consistent guidelines for colors and images that help with brand recognition.
  • Design systems are only useful to experienced designers, not to people new to the field.
  • Designs systems are scalable as an organization grows.
  • Design systems provide a strict guideline that never changes

Test your knowledge on working with design systems in Figma

7. You are creating an alternative design for an app using the Material Baseline Design Kit in Figma. You find a style for the navigation bar you’d like to add to the app. You copy the selected style from the _____ page and paste it to the new page.

  • Material Theme
  • Cover
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Getting Started

8. A designer begins a new project by reviewing the elevation section in the Material Baseline Design Kit in Figma. Which of the following design features should they apply a higher elevation to? Select all that apply.

  • Page background
  • Alerts
  • Buttons
  • Navigation

9. Including a design system in your case study showcases the creative and strategic design choices you’ve made while enriching your portfolio for future job opportunities.

  • True
  • False

Weekly challenge 3: Explore design systems

10. What is a design system?

  • Guidelines established by company management that designers and developers need to adhere to.
  • Existing wireframes that a designer can use to jumpstart a new product.
  • The code a developer uses to write a product that a UX designer has created.
  • A series of reusable elements and guidelines that allow teams to design and develop a product following predetermined standards.

11. Consider the following scenario:

Gabriel is a designer at a small company. Gabriel's team gets a request for a project with a tight deadline. Using the design system, the team delivers a product design that impresses the management team and is delivered on time.

What is the result of implementing a design system?

  • Implemented an approach for managing the client
  • Established consistency
  • Scaled the product
  • Saved time

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