Week 4 – Networking Services

The bits and bytes of computer networking week 4 quiz answers

Name Resolution

1. What transport layer protocol does DNS normally use?

  • UDP
  • ICMP
  • IP
  • TCP


2. A DNS TTL determines what?

  • How many DNS resolutions can take place before the IP has to change.
  • How long a DNS entry is allowed to be cached.
  • How many steps there are in the resolution process.
  • How far away a DNS can be from you.


3. How many root servers are there?

  • 16
  • 13
  • 17
  • 8

4. Which of the following are benefits of using Domain Name Resolution (DNS)?

  • Allows administrative changes to happen seamlessly.
  • Easy for the node to find the network ID.
  • Small routing tables.
  • Easier for humans to remember website names.


5. The process of using DNS to turn a domain name into an IP address is known as_________.

  • ARP table lookup
  • IP addresses
  • DNS server
  • name resolution


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