Week 2 – The Network Layer

The bits and bytes of computer networking week 2 quiz answers

The Network Layer

1. Please select all of the valid IP addresses. Check all that apply.

  • 123.456.123.456
  • 257.70.312.49


2. How many IP addresses does a class C network have?

  • 16,777,216 addresses
  • 256 addresses
  • 65,536 addresses
  • 1 address


3. Which IP address class has the first two octets reserved for the network ID and the last two octets for the host ID?

  • Class B
  • Class A
  • Class E
  • Class C addresses


4. The ____ is used to indicate that the datagram is allowed to be fragmented or to indicate that the datagram has already been fragmented.

  • service type field
  • fragmentation offset field
  • total length field
  • flag field


5. The IP address assigned to a device would depend on the _______ it is connected.

  • network
  • ARP
  • MAC addresses
  • IP datagram


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