Week 2 – Use metrics from Google Analytics and Google Ads

assess for success marketing analytics and measurement weekly challenge 2

1. Fill in the blank: When a Google Analytics 4 property is initially set up for a website or app, certain _____ are automatically enabled to collect information.

  • dimensions
  • events
  • campaigns
  • searches

2. Which events are automatically enabled when monitoring a website in Google Analytics? Select two.

  • session_start
  • first_visit
  • add_to_cart
  • view_search_results

3. Consider the following scenario:

Imagine that a marketer wants to use Google Analytics to monitor email traffic and learn how much of that email traffic came from the campaign of interest. To do that, they add tags to the URLs shared in emails and configure dimensions for these tags to monitor what? Select two.

  • utm_campaign tag
  • add_to_cart tag
  • utm_medium tag
  • page_view tag


4. In the Google Analytics Explorations feature, which Template gallery technique shows how user segments relate to each other?

  • Segment overlap
  • Cohort exploration
  • Funnel exploration
  • Free-form exploration

5. In Google Ads, what is the conversion value per cost metric?

  • The number of times potential customers saw the ads in a campaign.
  • The percentage of interactions with images, text, or extensions.
  • The estimated return on investment.
  • The average number of conversions per ad interaction.

6. In Google Ads, what does an ad group contain?

  • One or more payment methods for customers in different countries.
  • One primary goal that supports a Google Ads campaign.
  • One or more ads that target a shared set of keywords.
  • One or more metrics that are tracked through the stages of the marketing funnel.


7. Consider the following scenario:

Imagine that a marketer wants to learn which audience to spend more budget on in future marketing campaigns. They decide to combine conversion data with audience demographic data to conduct an analysis.

What method can they use to do this?

  • Analyze conversion data from Google Analytics.
  • Link a Google Ads account to Google Analytics and combine the data.
  • Switch back and forth between Google and non-Google platforms to review data separately.
  • Analyze demographic data from Google Ads.


8. Fill in the blank: A cross-channel last click attribution model attributes 100% of a conversion to _____.

  • the last device that a customer used to view an ad
  • the last Google Ads channel clicked through
  • the first channel that a customer engaged with
  • the first Google Ads channel that a customer engaged with


9. What are the benefits of exporting marketing campaign data from Google Ads and Google Analytics as a CSV file? Select two.

  • To keep an archive of data from past campaigns for analysis and comparison.
  • To link data from Google Ads to Google Analytics.
  • To share a Reports snapshot in Google Analytics.
  • To analyze the data in another tool, like a spreadsheet or BigQuery.

10. Consider the following scenario:

Imagine that a marketer needs to monitor a website’s performance with analytics tools. The website’s tags are implemented using HTML and JavaScript code. The company uses a variety of analytics tools from multiple vendors.

Which method of tagging best supports the company’s needs?

  • Google’s global site tag
  • Selective reporting tag
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Enhanced measurement


Shuffle Q/A 1

11. In Google Analytics, which of the following are required for data collection? Select all that apply.

  • A budget
  • An event
  • A site tag
  • A campaign goal

12. Imagine that a marketer wants to use Google Analytics to monitor brand awareness. First, they confirm that the share event is enabled. Next, they add tags to URLs that can be shared and configure dimensions for these tags. Finally, they confirm that the page_view event is enabled.

Which tags do they add to URLs? Select all that apply.

  • utm_medium tag
  • utm_campaign tag
  • utm_view tag
  • utm_source tag

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