Week 2 – Deploying Puppet

configuration management and the cloud week 2

Practice Quiz: Deploying Puppet Locally

1. Puppet evaluates all functions, conditionals, and variables for each individual system, and generates a list of rules for that specific system. What are these individual lists of rules called?

  • Manifests
  • Dictionaries
  • Catalogs
  • Modules

2. After we install new modules that were made and shared by others, which folder in the module's directory will contain the new functions and facts?

  • files
  • manifests
  • lib
  • templates

3. What file extension do manifest files use?

  • .cfg
  • .exe
  • .pp
  • .man

4. What is contained in the metadata.json file of a Puppet module?

  • Manifest files
  • Additional data about the module
  • Configuration information
  • Pre-processed data

5. What does Puppet syntax dictate we do when referring to another resource attribute?

  • Enter the package title before curly braces
  • Follow the attribute with a semicolon
  • Capitalize the attribute
  • Type the attribute in lowercase

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