Networking – Shuffle Q/A 2

31. You are having trouble connecting to the Internet, so you call your Service Provider for help. They need to know the permanent unique identifier address of your specific device so they can help troubleshoot it. What address are they asking for?

  • MAC address
  • ISP address
  • URL address
  • IP address

32. True or false: The “Internet of Things” is a new internet that human users cannot use.

  • True
  • False

33. What are some examples of IoT (Internet of Things)? Choose all that apply.

  • Refrigerators that keep track of the food and notify you when to buy more
  • Teachers who post assignments for their students on the school website
  • An online car dealership that can provide complete car history using the vehicle identification number
  • Thermostats that turn off the air conditioning when you leave the room

34. At first, what was the only kind of information that could be sent over the early internet?

  • Email
  • Media
  • Text
  • Audio

35. Which tool lets organizations use many private addresses within one public IP address?

  • ICMP
  • IP
  • HTML
  • NAT

36. Which group manages the registration of domain names?

  • Web Registrar
  • DNS
  • ISP

37. What was the biggest problem with the earliest version of the Internet in the late 1960s?

  • Computers were too big and bulky for accessing the Internet.
  • The TCP/IP protocol could only be used in universities, governments, and businesses.
  • There was no way to remotely access any computer.
  • Networks couldn’t talk to each other.

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