Activity: Part 2: Identify project tasks from key conversations

Activity: Part 2: Identify project tasks from key conversations

1. To pass this practice quiz, you must receive 100%, or 1 out of 1 point, by completing the activity below. You can learn more about the graded and practice items in the Course Overview .

Activity Overview In this activity, you will review Peta’s conversations about project tasks from the last activity, Part 1: Identify project tasks from key conversations. Then, you will identify the four tasks from those conversations and add them to the project plan.


Review the scenario below. Then complete the step-by-step instructions.

After conducting some online research about restaurant tablets, Peta calls Seydou and Gilly to get a better understanding of project tasks. She also discusses a past Sauce & Spoon initiative with Nia, the general manager of the Waterfront location. This conversation helps Peta understand the potential impact of the tablet project on the waitstaff.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Access your draft

Begin by opening the project plan draft you worked on in the activity titled Identify project tasks: Conduct online research.

Step 2: Access the supporting materials

In the activity titled Part 1: Analyze key conversations, you observed Peta’s conversations with other team members about project tasks. Each phone conversation in Part 1 revealed at least one new project task, and you identified three tasks in that previous interactive activity.

If you’d like to revisit Peta’s conversations from the previous activity, you can find transcripts in the supporting materials below. Each link will open a new Coursera tab.

Meeting: Tablet Training

Meeting: Waterfront Location

Meeting: North Location

Note: To review supporting materials introduced in earlier activities, you can find them in the Resources section .

Step 3: Add tasks to the project plan

Next, add four new tasks to the Task Brainstorm tab of your project plan based on the conversation transcripts. Any tasks that were identified in Part 1: Analyze key conversations can be added here.

Note: Each transcript includes at least one new project task.

What to Include in Your Response Be sure to include the following elements in your project plan:

The four tasks identified from the phone conversation transcripts (at least one task per conversation)

  • Yes
  • No

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