Test your knowledge: Impact report

Test your knowledge: Impact report

1. Impact reports serve which two of the following purposes?

  • Impact reports are designed to show others the value that the project added.
  • Impact reports are extremely detailed and include all of the various tasks completed in the project.
  • Impact reports provide a why that guides the team while they work on the project.
  • Impact reports are created for senior stakeholders or project sponsors who weren’t involved in the daily details of the project.

2. What are the objectives of an executive summary? Select all that apply.

  • To communicate the daily ins and outs of the project to other project managers
  • To describe the project’s purpose and outcome
  • To share key takeaways with senior stakeholders who may not have time to review an entire report
  • To provide an overview of the main points of a larger report

3. What topics are typically included in an impact report? Select all that apply.

  • Next steps
  • What worked
  • Executive summary
  • Activity descriptions
  • Results

4. What three elements are you likely to find in an executive summary of an impact report?

  • Project vision
  • Methodology and approach
  • Key accomplishments
  • Lessons learned

5. What should you describe in the key accomplishments section of a project impact report?

  • The time estimates for your main project tasks.
  • The potential improvements you may apply in the future.
  • The questions that you included in your user surveys.
  • The activities, tasks, and milestones that helped you find success.

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