Test your knowledge on UX research plans

17. Fill in the blank: Best practices for writing research questions include questions that are _____. Select all that apply.

  • actionable
  • specific
  • broad
  • neutral

18. Imagine you are preparing research questions for a fitness tracker design. Which of the following questions applies in a qualitative research method?

  • How easy was it for users to access the app while walking?
  • How many miles did a user typically walk in a week?
  • How many times did the user access the app per day?
  • How often did the user access the app while walking?

19. A research team measured the results of their fitness app prototype and found 40% of users completed all of the sign-up tasks. Which key performance indicator (KPI) demonstrates this measurement?

  • Conversion rate
  • User error rate
  • Time on task
  • Drop off rate

20. You want to quantifiably measure how well users completed tasks for your design prototype by asking users to complete a questionnaire that measures usability. Which KPI should you use?

  • System Usability Scale
  • User error rate
  • Use of navigation vs. search
  • Conversion rate

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