Test your knowledge on UX research participants and scripts

21. Why is it important to engage participants with diverse perspectives and abilities in a usability study? Select all that apply.

  • To avoid sample bias for selected groups
  • To include participants with characteristics outside of the desired characteristics
  • To identify a key user group to engage in future usability research studies
  • To investigate how people with disabilities interact with the product

22. Imagine you are developing a script for an upcoming usability study. Which of the following should you do in the introduction?

  • Remind participants to save their questions until the end
  • Assign participants usability tasks
  • Ask participants clarifying questions
  • Remind participants there are no right or wrong answers

23. Which of the following example script questions explicitly encourages elaboration?

  • How many attempts did you take to complete the activity?
  • Was the activity easy to complete?
  • Can you share why that activity was difficult for you?

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