Test your knowledge on user data and privacy

24. As a designer, respecting user privacy and securing user data is the right thing to do. Why is it important to protect user privacy? Select all that apply.

  • Protects a company’s brand
  • Reduces the risk of hacking
  • Ensures the project’s success
  • Complies with confidentiality laws and ethics

25. You are conducting research for a design project and need to collect user data for your study. What can you do to make sure privacy and security are part of your UX design and research practices?

  • Store participants’ data on local servers rather than cloud storage sites
  • Collect as much data from participants as possible to use in your future usability studies
  • Provide details about how you plan to use participants’ information and protect their privacy
  • Get consent from participants after you collect their data

26. What is considered personally identifiable information (PII) ? Select all that apply.

  • Name
  • Personal preferences
  • Phone number
  • Email address

27. What three main concerns should you consider for the safety of research data?

  • Data recording
  • Data storage
  • Data de-identification
  • Data retention

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