Module 2: Project Initiation

Project initiation is the first phase of the project life cycle, where the project is formally recognized and defined. This module focuses on the key aspects of project initiation, including its purpose, activities, and deliverables. It also covers the importance of project justification, stakeholder identification, and the creation of a project charter.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understand the significance of project initiation in the overall project management process.
  • Identify the goals and objectives of project initiation.
  • Learn the importance of project justification in assessing the feasibility and viability of a project.
  • Explore various methods of project justification, such as cost-benefit analysis, return on investment (ROI), and business case development.
  • Understand the role of stakeholders in a project and their impact on project success.
  • Learn techniques for identifying and analyzing stakeholders, including stakeholder mapping and power/interest grid.
  • Learn about the project charter and its significance in documenting project objectives, scope, and initial requirements.
  • Understand the key elements of a project charter, including project description, objectives, deliverables, and high-level project plan.
  • Identify and assess project constraints, such as time, cost, scope, quality, and resources.
  • Understand the importance of documenting project assumptions and their potential impact on project outcomes.
  • Explore the concept of project governance and its role in ensuring effective project oversight and decision-making.
  • Learn about the key components of project governance, including roles and responsibilities, project governance structure, and project governance framework.
  • Understand the importance of effective communication with project stakeholders.
  • Learn strategies for stakeholder communication, including communication planning, frequency, channels, and messaging.
  • Identify the key deliverables produced during the project initiation phase, such as the project charter, stakeholder analysis report, and initial project plan.
  • Explore real-world case studies and examples that demonstrate the application of project initiation concepts and techniques.

By the end of this module, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of project initiation and its significance in setting the foundation for successful project execution. They will be able to effectively justify a project, identify stakeholders, create a project charter, and lay the groundwork for project governance and communication.

Devendra Kumar

Project Management Apprentice at Google

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