Week 4 – Ideating design solutions

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Test your knowledge on competitive audits

1. A competitive audit would be useful in which of the following scenarios?

  • Team Y is in the process of developing a real estate app. The app allows users to identify available properties on the housing market. There’s a long list of other real estate apps available on mobile and computer platforms.
  • Team X is in the process of developing an original mobile and computer app. The app helps people who are nonverbal or cannot speak and find willing speakers to help them navigate a situation that requires verbal interaction. There are no other apps like it.
  • Team Z is trying to create a product that automatically dispenses facial tissue when a user sneezes. There may be one or two similar products trying to launch on the market.

2. What are characteristics of a direct competitor? Select all that apply.

  • Extends different products to the same users and end users
  • Has users and end users that are similar
  • Offers similar services, products, or features
  • Focuses on different audiences with similar products

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