Activity: Create evaluation questions and indicators

Activity: Create evaluation questions and indicators

1. To pass this practice quiz, you must receive at least 80%, or 4 out of 5 points, by completing the activity and answering corresponding quiz questions. You can learn more about the graded and practice items in the Course Overview .

Activity Overview In this activity, you will create evaluation questions in order to help you determine if the project is meeting the quality standards you outlined. An evaluation question is a key question about the outcomes, impact, and/or effectiveness of your project or program.

You will also create evaluation indicators to help you get the right information needed to answer the questions. Evaluation indicators define the specific type of data that needs to be collected.


Review the scenario below. Then complete the step-by-step instructions.

Now that the tablet test launch is complete, Peta wants to ensure that it leads to a successful rollout at both pilot locations. She does this by creating evaluation questions and indicators to measure the results of the test launch, and assess the project’s progress at this stage.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Access your draft

Begin by opening the project plan draft that you worked on in the last activity, Add quality standards to your project plan.

Step 2: Create evaluation questions

Based on the quality standards you identified in the last activity, create 2-3 evaluation questions you would ask to assess the success of the tablet test launch. Add these questions under the Quality and Evaluation tab in your project plan, in the Evaluation Questions column.

Remember, there are two main types of evaluation questions. There are questions that ask how you can make improvements, such as:

How can we improve?

What is working and what’s not working?

Which goals are being met?

Who is benefiting?

What are the most common participant reactions?

There are also questions that help you measure and compare, such as:

Were there unintended outcomes?

What were the costs and benefits?

Are there any lessons to be learned?

Should we continue?

A well-crafted evaluation question should provide you with valuable data. As you create your evaluation questions, consider the following:

Does the question address stakeholder or user values, interests, and concerns?

Does the question relate to the purposes of the project and of evaluation?

Is the question worth answering and important for the project and beyond?

Is the question practical and feasible to answer with available resources?

Step 3: Add evaluation indicators

Next, create an evaluation indicator for each evaluation question. Add your evaluation indicators under the Quality and Evaluation tab in your project plan, in the Evaluation Indicators column.

Evaluation indicators state the specific type of data you need to collect to answer your evaluation questions. As you create your evaluation indicators, ask yourself the following questions:

What do you want to measure or evaluate? The number of something? The level of satisfaction? Preferences? Demographic information like age, gender, or experience?

Will the indicator demonstrate that you have reached the desired outcome?

Will the indicator provide measurable evidence of meeting a goal? Examples of measurable evidence could include things like test scores, attendance rates, or observed behavior

What to Include in Your Response

Be sure to address the following elements in your updated project plan:

2-3 evaluation questions

One evaluation indicator for each question

Did you complete this activity?

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2. Which of the following are examples of good evaluation questions you could ask about customer satisfaction with the tablet project? Select all that apply.

  • Which customers are posting about their experiences on social media?
  • Does the waitstaff enjoy using the tablets?
  • Are customers having a better dining experience with the tablets?
  • Are customers receiving the correct orders?

3. Which of the following are examples of good evaluation questions you could ask about tablet ease-of-use? Select all that apply.

  • Which staff members are the best at training customers on the tablets?
  • Do customers think the tablets have an attractive design?
  • How quickly are customers learning how to navigate the tablets?
  • Do all the tablets work as expected?

4. Which of the following evaluation indicators can help answer the evaluation question, “Have we improved customer satisfaction?” Select all that apply.

  • Guests with shorter wait times report wanting to return 20% more often than those with longer wait times
  • The length of the average customer visit shortens by 15%
  • Guests redeem coupons 25% more often
  • Guests who use the tablets are 50% more likely to recommend the restaurant to a friend

5. Which of the following evaluation indicators can help answer the evaluation question, “Are the tablets functioning properly?” Select all that apply.

  • 98% of customers who use tablets receive the correct order
  • Waitstaff can log into their tablet accounts on the first try
  • Tablet error logs report a maximum of one error per shift
  • Appetizer sales increase by 10%

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