Week 4 – Organizing and protecting your data

prepare data for exploration weekly challenge 4 answers

1. Fill in the blank: File-naming conventions are _____ that describe a file's content, creation date, or version.

  • general attributes
  • frequent suggestions
  • consistent guidelines
  • common verifications

2. A data analytics team uses data about data to indicate consistent naming conventions for a project. What type of data is involved in this scenario?

  • Metadata
  • Aggregated data
  • Long data
  • Big data

3. Data analysts use naming conventions to help them identify or locate a file. Which of the following is an example of an effective file name?

  • Elementary_Students_20090221_V03
  • Sept_ElemtaryStudents_V1
  • ElementarySchoolStudents_EnrollingSeptember2021_PlusRisingMiddleSchool_FJPSKVND
  • Elem_9


4. Data analysts use a process called encryption to organize folders into subfolders.

  • True
  • False

5. A data analyst completes a project. They move project files to another location to keep them separate from their current work. This is an example of what process?

  • Duplicating files
  • Destroying files
  • Archiving files
  • Renaming files

6.Data analysts create hierarchies to organize their folders. How are folder hierarchies structured?

  • Broad topics at the top, then more specific topics below
  • Broad topics at the right, then more specific topics at the left
  • Specific topics at the top, then more broad topics below
  • Broad topics at the left, then more specific topics at the right


7. Using encryption to protect data is an example of what?

  • Data validation
  • Data integrity
  • Data ethics
  • Data security

8. To reduce clutter, a data analyst hides cells that contain long, complex formulas. To view the formulas again, the analyst will need to adjust the spreadsheet sharing or encryption settings.

  • True
  • False

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9. A data analyst is working with a file from a customer satisfaction survey. The survey was sent to anyone who became a customer between April and June, 2020. Which of the following is an effective name for the file?

  • April_May_June_2020_Responses_to_New_Customer_Survey_ANALYSISDATA_928310
  • NewCustomerSurvey_2020-6-20_V03
  • Survey_Responses
  • Apr-June2020_CustSurvey_V

10. Foldering may be used by data analysts to organize folders into what?

  • Databases
  • Subfolders
  • Versions
  • Tables

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