Test your knowledge: Evaluation findings

Test your knowledge: Evaluation findings

1. What is the first thing you should do when preparing an evaluation presentation?

  • Filter and analyze data.
  • Shape the story of your findings.
  • Create a detailed evaluation report.
  • Consider your audience.

2. Which are the most efficient methods for presenting evaluation findings to senior stakeholders and executives? Select all that apply.

  • Raw survey data
  • Full evaluation report
  • Slide-based report
  • Summary sheet

3. Fill in the blank: By _____ data, you become familiar with survey respondents, results, and what those results mean for project quality.

  • filtering and analyzing
  • collecting and sorting
  • memorizing and communicating
  • transcribing and storing

4. Imagine you are a project manager creating an evaluation presentation based on the results of a customer survey. You analyze the data, learn what the data means, and confirm how the data answers your evaluation questions. What is the final step you need to take before presenting your results?

  • Ask your audience members to complete the customer survey themselves.
  • Think about what is meaningful to your audience.
  • Draft a data-driven evaluation report with your findings.
  • Shape the story of your findings into a cohesive narrative.

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