Week 1 – Introducing data analytics

foundations data data everywhere weekly challenge 1 answers

1. Data analysis is the various elements that interact with one another in order to provide, manage, store, organize, analyze, and share data.

  • True
  • False

2. In data analytics, a model is a group of elements that interact with one another.

  • True
  • False

3. Fill in the blank: The primary goal of a data _____ is to create new questions using data.

  • designer
  • analyst
  • engineer
  • scientist

4. Fill in the blank: The term _____ is defined as an intuitive understanding of something with little or no explanation.

  • personal opinion
  • rational thought
  • gut instinct
  • awareness

5. A company defines a problem it wants to solve. Then, a data analyst gathers relevant data, analyzes it, and uses it to draw conclusions. The analyst shares their analysis with subject-matter experts, who validate the findings. Finally, a plan is put into action. What does this scenario describe?

  • Data science
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Customer service
  • Identification of trends

6. What do subject-matter experts do to support data-driven decision-making? Select all that apply.

  • Offer insights into the business problem
  • Review the results of data analysis and identify any inconsistencies
  • Collect, transform, and organize data
  • Validate the choices made as a result of the data insights

7. You have just finished analyzing data for a marketing project. Before moving forward, you share your results with members of the marketing team to see if they might have additional insights into the business problem. What practice does this support?

  • Data analytics
  • Data science
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Data management

8. You read an interesting article about data analytics in a magazine and want to share some ideas from the article in the discussion forum. In your post, you include the author and a link to the original article. This would be an inappropriate use of the forum.

  • True
  • False

Shuffle Q/A 1

9. Which of the following options describes data analysis?

  • The various elements that interact with one another in order to provide, manage, store, organize, analyze, and share data
  • Creating new ways of modeling and understanding the unknown by using raw data
  • The collection, transformation, and organization of data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions, and drive informed decision-making
  • Using facts to guide business strategy

10. In data analytics, what term describes a collection of elements that interact with one another to produce, manage, store, organize, analyze, and share data?

  • The cloud environment
  • A modeling system
  • A data ecosystem
  • A database

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