Practice Quiz: Introduction to Python

Practice Quiz: Introduction to Python

6. Fill in the correct Python command to put “My first Python program” onto the screen.

_____("My first Python program")

  • print(“My first Python program”)

7. Python is an example of what type of programming language?

  • General purpose scripting language
  • Machine Language
  • Platform-specific scripting language
  • Client-side scripting language

8. Convert this Bash command into Python:

echo Have a nice day

  • print(“Have a nice day”)

9. Fill in the correct Python commands to put “This is fun!” onto the screen 5 times.

for i in range(5):
_____("This is fun!")

  • for i in range(5):
    print(“This is fun!”)

10. Why is Python relevant to IT? Select all that apply.

  • Python is used in fast-growing areas of IT, like machine learning and data analytics.
  • Python works well as a scripting language for IT automation.
  • Python scripts run on IT servers only.
  • Python can be used to calculate statistics, run e-commerce sites, process images, interact with web services, and more.

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