Week 3 – The wonderful world of data – Shuffle Q/A 4

41. A data analyst uses a spreadsheet function to aggregate data. Then, they add a pivot table to show totals from least to greatest. This would happen during which phase of the data life cycle?

  • Analyze
  • Manage
  • Capture
  • Plan

42. A business analyst recently completed a project that their company has decided to use to solve a larger business problem. What step is this in the data analysis process?

  • Process
  • Act
  • Analyze
  • Share

43. Data analysts use queries to analyze information within a database.

  • True
  • False

44. What is the primary purpose of the destroy stage of the data life cycle?

  • To keep information safe by eliminating records of it
  • To validate the results of analysis.
  • To use functions for investigating the data.
  • To determine who is responsible for managing the data.

45. In data analysis, a preset command is known as what?

  • A formula
  • A particular value
  • A function
  • A predefined statement

46. Which of the following is an example of why a data analyst may generate a query?

  • Visualizing data
  • Requesting data
  • Collecting data
  • Recording data

47. Fill in the blank: A function is a preset command, whereas a formula is _____.

  • a set of instructions used to perform a specified calculation
  • a particular value
  • a computer programming language
  • a predefined statement

48. Fill in the blank: Structured query language (SQL) enables data analysts to retrieve, update, and request information from a database. The tool they use to do this is called a _______.

  • dashboard
  • visualization
  • query
  • spreadsheet

49. The data life cycle deals with the stages that data goes through during its useful life; data analysis involves following a process to analyze data.

  • True
  • False

50. A set of instructions used to perform a specified calculation is known as what?

  • A formula
  • A predefined statement
  • A function
  • A particular value

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